Scholarship Program

The Scholarship

We understand that not everyone has the means to give their child or children the experience everything life has to offer. As a nonprofit entity, our passion is to make sure that all children have the opportunity to pursue their dreams and grow.

The Scholarship is a pool of $15,000 we have set aside to offset the costs of students from families who might have barriers in paying for our services. This pool is open year-round and only ends when it is completely utilized.

To apply please contact us with the below information:
~How many children will be entering the program?

~A statement why you should receive this scholarship. Scholarships can be based upon more than financial information. It is important for us to understand why each family wants to enter this program.

~Please succinctly describe your financial barriers which might prevent paying for this program.

~Name, Address, Telephone Number, Email, and Preferred Means of Contact.


If you would like to apply or have any questions about our programs or scholarships, please contact us however you feel most comfortable!