Front Stage Program

The Class

The Front Stage Program is a 6-9 month course which is perfect for students who already have some experience with performing. Of course, we are happy to accept students from all walks of life and levels of experience; but for new performers, we would recommend the beginner course.   Most importantly, all programs evaluate prospective students for a history of abuse, level of confidence, and skills. 

This program is available in two different levels:

When taking this course at a general level, students will begin to focus on only front stage-oriented aspects, such as voice or emoting. This will enable the student to expand upon their already general knowledge, further develop a useful array of front stage skills and knowledge, as well as be able to further specialize their unique skill set.


Typically, this option is more for advanced or experienced students who already have a developed or are developing skills, such as voice, dancing or playing an instrument. In this program, we will have a one-on-one tutoring with a specialist in the field your child is passionate about.


 If you would like to enroll your child or have any questions about our programs or scholarships, please contact us however you feel most comfortable!