Beginner Program

The Class

The Beginner Program is a 12 session course which is perfect for kids who have little or no experience with the stage. It is also a great tool for children with some experience, but would like to review some important basics! Most importantly, all programs evaluate prospective students for a history of abuse, level of confidence, and skills.

In the Beginner Program, we explore the student's interests to evaluate where they are most comfortable. We expand upon their performance knowledge as well as core basic skills. Moreover, this program can easily switch between group and one-on-one sessions to better fit your child's comfort levels and social growth.

This is accomplished through teaching rudimentary music reading, reviewing music genres, learning music and theater history, as well as a basic tour of all departments one might find in a theatrical production (stage design, voice, costume making, playing instruments, etc.)


 If you would like to enroll your child or have any questions about our programs or scholarships, please contact us however you feel most comfortable!